Gritting pavements and cycle paths

Aberdeen has more than 1,200 miles of pavements - the same as the distance from Aberdeen to Rome. It is not possible to grit every pavement all the time, so we have a priority system.

Priority 1 pavements

These are mainly in the city centre and highly used by pedestrians. There are two routes: see the pavement gritting routes in the city centre. We grit these early in the morning from 5:15am to make sure they are salted before rush hour.

Pavements in the rest of the city

The rest of the city is split into 24 areas and we treat these on an area by area basis.

We give priority to pavements near Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, near schools where possible, sheltered housing and social work properties, the crematorium, shopping centres, and access to facilities in parks and gardens.

We treat these pavements from 7.45am if necessary.

Gritting cycle paths

We treat cycle paths in the same way as pavements in the rest of the city. We grit them from 7.45am if necessary.

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