Winter maintenance resources

Our teams work very hard across the city during severe weather conditions to make sure that you can travel as safely as possible. 

We currently have:

  • 90 roads maintenance staff, plus an extra 90 grounds staff who do most of the pavement gritting, especially near sheltered housing, schools and hospitals. 
  • Seven dedicated road gritters with snow plough attachments. 
  • 14 demountable road gritters with snow plough attachments. 
  • Four large gritters.
  • 21 pavement gritters with snow plough attachments. 
  • A de-icer applicator vehicle - we only use de-icing fluid if temperatures drop low enough to stop salt working.
  • 11,726 tonnes of salt in stock. We don't use grit and sand unless the temperatures are too low for salt to work. Grit and sand also block gutters which can cause additional problems.
  • Unfortunately we can't be everywhere at the same time, so there are over 900 grit bins around the city which you can use in your local community. This year, we also have 20 large community grit bins available. 

Winter maintenance spending

Our budget for winter maintenance is £1.73 million per year. The graphic below shows how this fits into our overall budget:

Graphic showing what your council tax is spent on


  • The Operations budget includes schools, roads, housing repairs, parks, and winter maintenance.
  • The Resources budget includes staff and building costs.
  • The Integration Joint Board budget includes community health and social care.
  • The Customer budget includes customer services, digital services and community services including housing management and libraries.

You can download the leaflet below to find out more about our income and spending:


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