One-tonne salt bags

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to request a one-tonne salt bag. Applications for the salt bags have now closed for this year. If your application has been approved, we will deliver your salt bag soon. 

If you need grit for your community you will soon be able to collect it from one of the new big community salt bins. More details of where these are located will be available soon.

You can also get grit from our street grit bins.

How to use the salt bag 

  • The salt will be easier to use if you cover it with a polythene sheet.
  • You can decant the salt into smaller containers for indoor storage or for sharing with your neighbours.
  • A little salt goes a long way. A 10 litre household bucket will hold the same amount of salt that a gritter uses to treat a third of the footpaths of Union Street.
  • Treating the area before bad weather comes can be very effective in preventing snow lying and ice forming.


If your salt bag needs to be refilled, please email us on to arrange this. We will remove empty salt bags at the end of the winter season. Once we have your contact details on record, we will ask whether you would like to participate in the scheme again. 

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