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The Blue Badge scheme is a national scheme that allows badge holders to park closer to their destination, but the national concessions apply only to on-street parking. The scheme helps you travel independently, as either a driver or a passenger. Transport Scotland is responsible for setting out the framework for the scheme and supports local authorities to deliver it.

Before applying for a Blue Badge, please read over our frequently asked questions.

How to apply

You can apply online:

Blue badge applications can only be made online. You can grant permission for another individual to apply on your behalf, for example a support worker, friend or family member. Correspondence can go directly to you or your preferred point of contact.


Payment is taken at the time of application and the cost is £20 to issue a badge. 
If your application is declined you will be refunded via the original payment method.

Supporting Documents

We will not issue a Blue Badge if you do not provide adequate evidence that you meet the eligibility requirements.

All applicants will need to supply the following:

  • Proof of identify (passport, driving licence, birth or marriage certificate).
  • Proof of address (council tax bill or utility bill from the last 12 months).
  • A recent digital photo (or a photo that can be scanned and uploaded) clearly showing your head and shoulders. 
  • National insurance number. 
  • Any proof of receipt of benefit or evidence you wish to submit in support of your application. See the table below for more details.
  • Please note we are unable to contact GP's and other professionals to confirm your eligibility due to data protection.


Eligibility criteria Supporting documents required

Registered Blind (Severely Sight Impaired)

Certificate of Visual Impairment (or confirm you are registered with NESS)
Higher rate mobility – Disability Living Allowance Letter of entitlement dated within the last 12 months
Personal Independence Payments and have been awarded 8 points or more in the Moving Around category or awarded 12 points in the Planning and Following Journeys category Letter of entitlement dated within the last 12 months
War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement Letter of entitlement
Armed Forces and Reserved Forces (Compensation) Scheme Letter of entitlement
Terminal illness DS1500 form if you have received it or confirm the name of your healthcare professional
Walking difficulties Medical letters or hospital discharge paperwork which confirms diagnosis, copies of prescriptions, supporting letters from other allied health professionals such as physiotherapist or Occupational therapists, copies of reports from consultants, specialist nurses etc. 
You are applying on behalf of a child under 3 who needs to be close to a vehicle Letter signed by allied health professional, GP, or Consultant stating diagnosis, size and type of equipment required, when and where equipment needs to be used or why the child needs quick access to a carDetails
Cognitive impairment Risk in traffic form must be completed
Higher Rate Mobility – Child Disability Payment Certificate of entitlement from the Scottish Social Security Agency dated within the last 12 months

In receipt of the mobility component of Adult Disability Payment and have been awarded either:

  • 8 points or more in the Moving Around activity
  • 12 points in the Planning and Following a Journey activity
  • enhanced rate mobility under special rules for terminal illness;
Certificate of entitlement from the Scottish Social Security Agency dated within the last 12 months

Please note if you are in receipt of Attendance Allowance you are not automatically eligible for a Blue Badge.

Applying under the Cognitive Impairment Criteria

In 2017 Transport for Scotland revised and extended the eligibility criteria to allow people who pose a risk to themselves or others in traffic to apply for a disabled person’s parking badge, provided they meet the criteria.

The eligibility criteria was extended to a person who:

  • has a mental disorder within the meaning in the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003,
  • receives specified social security benefits at specified rates, and
  • lacks awareness of danger from traffic, which is likely to compromise their safety, or the safety of others, as a result.

If you are applying under these criteria the option on your online application will be:

A diagnosed cognitive impairment and lack of awareness of danger from traffic which is likely to compromise your safety or the safety of others.

As part of your application we will require a healthcare or social work or teaching professional who has seen you at some time over the last 12 months and who is not your GP to complete a Counter Signatory Form. We cannot accept applications under this criterion without a completed risk in traffic form. This can be completed and uploaded by you or on your behalf as part of the online application or emailed directly to


Your Blue Badge is not renewed automatically. You need to reapply for it every time, when your current badge expires. Your eligibility will be checked every time you reapply. This is to make sure you are still entitled to a Blue Badge.

We recommend applying for a new Blue Badge 20 weeks before your existing badge expires.

It is an offence to use an expired badge.

If you are a current blue badge holder and you are reapplying under the same criteria you can use our blue badge renewals form.

When will you get your Blue Badge

If you qualify for a Blue Badge without further assessment and you have provided all the information required, you should get your badge in approximately 10 working days from the date we receive your payment.

If you need an assessment to establish your eligibility your application will be passed onto the Independent Mobility Assessor. There is currently a 22 week waiting list for a desktop assessment. 

If after desktop assessment your application requires a face to face assessment you will be contacted by the Independent Mobility Assessor. Due to current volumes it can take up to 22 weeks for a face to face assessment to be undertaken.

Support with your application

We have created this video to help you with your blue badge application. 

BSL blue badge renewal

Blue badge renewal video

Paper applications

If you would prefer to complete a paper application you can request one by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 03000 200 292. 

Telephone Appointments 

If you require dedicated support from us to apply, we can offer a telephone appointment where someone will support you with your application. You can book one of these appointments by phoning our Customer Contact Centre on 03000 200 292. British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us direct by using Contact SCOTLAND-BSL. Alternatively, you can use the Next Generation Text Service also known as Text Relay by dialling 18001 + the required telephone number listed above. 

Low Emission Zone

Following approval from Scottish Ministers, Aberdeen City Council is introducing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in Aberdeen City Centre from 30th May 2022.

A LEZ is an area where only certain vehicles are allowed to enter based on their emissions standards.

The LEZ is being introduced to address dangerous levels of air pollution in the city centre, mainly nitrogen dioxide (NO2), caused by road traffic.

Enforcement of the LEZ is due to start in Aberdeen City on 1 June 2024. Please refer to the FAQs for information on which vehicles will and will not be able to access the LEZ area. 

People can now enter their vehicle registration number on the official website for Scotland’s Low Emission Zones to confirm if their vehicle will comply.

Please note that blue badge holders are exempt from all Scottish Low Emission Zones. Blue Badge holders who require exemptions can now register their details with a new LEZ exemption system so that the vehicle they are travelling in can access all the Scottish Low Emission Zones.


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