Planning application fees


The Government's Regulations require the payment of a fee with most applications for planning permission.

You can download this guide to help you calculate the correct fee for your application. To keep it as simple as possible, not all of the provisions of the Government's Regulations have been described.

It is important that you submit the correct fee with your application, otherwise the application cannot be registered. Fees correctly paid cannot normally be refunded. If you have any queries, please contact the Application Support Team.

The letter that we send you to acknowledge your application acts as a receipt for fees paid.


You do not need to pay a fee if your application is for:

  • Listed building consent and conservation area consent.
  • Proposals to make an existing house suitable for occupation by a disabled person, or to provide access for disabled persons to a public building.
  • A proposal which only requires permission because of a condition of a previous planning permission.
  • A proposal which has been the subject of a planning application decided during the previous 12 months for a proposal of the same character or description, submitted by the same applicant (exemption for one subsequent application only). 
  • A proposal which has been the subject of a withdrawn planning application provided 12 months has not passed since the application was first submitted. The new application must be of the same character and description as the former and be submitted by the same applicant (exemption is for one subsequent application only). 
  • A proposal which only requires permission because the Council has powers of control: this applies in all conservation areas for certain types of minor proposal. 

Occasionally, there may be a requirement to advertise applications if we cannot determine an address (or premises) from our mapping system. If this is the case, you will be notified via the acknowledgement letter and advised that an additional £65 must be paid before the planning application can be determined.

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