Apply for planning permission

You can contact us for pre-application advice before you submit a planning application. 

You can submit a planning application online using the Scottish Government's ePlanning website. As part of your application, you must fill in and submit a certificate of land ownership. You may also be required to fill in the notice to owners and agricultural tenants form if you do not own all the land to which the application relates.

You will also need to pay the correct fee for your planning application. You can pay fees online (this link will take you to an external website). 

Once you have submitted your application, we will check it to make sure it includes all the information we need to process it. We will send you an acknowledgement and ask for any more information we need to register the application.

Once your application has been registered, we will notify your neighbours about it. We will publish the application online, and it will be available for public viewing in our Marsichal College office, by appointment. Anyone can comment on your application, not just your immediate neighbours. 

We also advertise certain types of planning application in the local papers. 

You should not start any work until planning permission has been granted. 

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