Accord Terms and Conditions

1. Cardholder

The cardholder is defined as the individual whose name and photograph appears on the card; for any applications held on the card; the card having been issued in response to the provision of that photograph and an accurately completed application by the individual.

2. The Accord/National Entitlement Card

The Accord/National Entitlement Card provides access to a range of national entitlements and local services.

3. The Accord Scheme

The Accord Scheme consists of the delivery of local services and entitlements offered by ACC, including the electronic purse, on behalf of ACC and other service providers, by means of the Accord / National Entitlement Card. The Accord Scheme (as part of ACC) administers the Accord / National Entitlement Card. It runs the application process for National card applications, and generates requests for replacement cards to the National Card Bureau Service on behalf of the cardholder.

4. The Accord Card is the property of ACC (at the Accord Office, Business Hub 17, Third Floor North, Marischal College, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB), and is available to all citizens of Aberdeen who are aged 5 or over who submit a completed application and photograph. Individuals aged 5 to 15 must produce an application form with signed parental/guardians consent.

5. The card is for the sole use of the cardholder and is not transferable.

6. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to inform the Accord Scheme immediately of any changes in personal details relevant to the card or entitlement to either the card or individual services on the card.

7. Ownership of the Accord card is non-transferable.

8. Money may be loaded onto the card's Accord purse by the cardholder (for certain services, e.g. cashless catering in secondary schools). Money loaded has an equal value when held in the Accord purse. It is not possible to spend more than is loaded.

9. The cardholder must immediately inform the Accord Scheme if their Accord card is lost or stolen. A lost or stolen, damaged or faulty card will be replicated with the products, services and electronic purse balance appearing as they were at the time of the report of loss/theft by the cardholder to ACC. ACC may levy an administration fee for the replacement card.

10. The Accord card will become invalid if tampered with in any way. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to keep the card in good condition. If a replacement card is required due to misuse, or damage, ACC may levy an administration fee for replacement cards.

11. The Accord Scheme reserves the right at any time to alter Terms and Conditions. Up to date Terms and Conditions will be posted on the web at

These will also be available on request from the Accord Scheme (Point 5).

12. The agreement is governed by the laws of Scotland.

13. ACC shall not be liable to any person for any loss, or damage, which may arise from possession or use of the Accord card whatsoever.

14. Where a transaction is carried out using the Accord card, be it a financial or a non-financial transaction between the cardholder and a third party including any ACC service, a contract will exist between the cardholder and that third party. The cardholder will be bound by the terms of this transaction. A cardholder's correspondence or participation in promotions or business dealings with third parties, other than payment of related goods or services using the Accord purse, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between the cardholder and third parties. ACC shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings, or as the result of the presence of third party products and services within the Accord card.

15. Service providers, including ACC, shall have the right to cancel the services they provide to a cardholder, should that cardholder contravene the Terms and Conditions of that service. The decision to cancel a service rests with the service provider. Cardholders are free to cancel their Accord Card membership at any time, by phoning our helpline on 03000 200293. On termination, whether voluntary or otherwise, monies held within the electronic purse shall be refunded to the cardholder (subject to a £5 minimum value).

16. ACC reserve the right to take any appropriate action deemed necessary, where it is found that the cardholder has abused the scheme. In particular, the giving of false information with the intent to defraud ACC or any third party will result in appropriate action being taken.

17. Cardholders are free to cancel their Accord membership at any time, by telephoning the Accord helpline on 03000 200293. On termination of an Accord Card, whether voluntary or otherwise, monies held within the electronic purse shall be refunded to the cardholder on request.

18. All services provided are subject to availability and ACC does not guarantee the continued availability of any service on the Accord card. Services may be withdrawn without notice.

19. ACC reserves the right to transfer ownership of the Accord Scheme to a company set up to administer the scheme.

20. ACC will only process data which is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it is being processed.

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