Aberdeen Reads FAQs

Simply pop into your local library and ask a member of staff. They will register you through your library account.

Yes. Library membership is free, and it’s easy to join. Just go to your local library with one form of ID and ask to join. Once you are a member you will be able to access resources in all Aberdeen City Libraries, including books, online resources, DVDs and CDs. 

Everyone – children, young people, adults and families. 

As this year’s reading challenge is open to everyone, we would like you and your family to take part in the challenge. A family group needn’t consist of a parent and child – it may be 2 siblings; a befriender and child; a carer and child, a couple etc. 

Each family member will be registered individually for the challenge, and one nominated family member registered as a “Family Group”. By registering as a family, not only will it mean you can encourage each other to keep reading, but you will also be entered into the family prize draw. 

The challenge is to try to read for 6 minutes every day. At the end of the challenge, let library staff know you have completed the challenge by at least attempting to read for 6 minutes a day. Let the library know before 31 August to receive an additional entry into the prize draw!

No problem – you can start the challenge at any point in the summer holidays. 

You can also take your reading with you – try out our online resources including e-books, e-audiobooks, e-newspapers and emagazines! 

Yes! You can read anything you enjoy – this may include books, graphic novels, audiobooks, e-magazines, newspapers… There’s something for everyone! Our library staff can help find the right read for you. 

Yes - reading to another person will count as 6 minutes of reading for both you and the person being read to. 

Yes, of course! You can read for as long as you like. 

We will be releasing a selection of mini-challenges each week. These are extra challenges to help you find new library resources and inspire you to read something different. Let the library know how many mini-challenges you have completed by 31 August  - those who have completed at least three will be entered into a prize draw. 

No. Four mini-challenges will be released each week, and added to the bank of mini-challenges you can choose from. You can choose from any of the mini-challenges that have been released, and do more than one in the same week. For example, in week 5 you could choose to do two mini-challenges from week 2. 

If you prefer, you can just do the daily 6 minute reading challenge. However, you will not be entered into the prize draw for those who have completed 3 or more mini-challenges. 

If you prefer, you can just do the mini-challenges. However, you will not be entered into the prize draw for those who have attempted to read for 6 minutes every day. 

Two prize draws will take place.

The first will be for everyone who participates in the challenge. Those who have completed the challenge by letting the library know they have attempted to read for 6 minutes every day will receive a double entry into this draw. From this draw one child and one young person/adult from each library will be chosen. 

The second prize draw will be for everyone who has completed three or more mini-challenges. From this draw one child, one young person, one family and one adult will be chosen. 


Don’t forget to let the library know when you have completed the challenge and mini-challenges!

Prizes include invitations to the exclusive Aberdeen Reads celebration author event.

A downloadable card is available on the website to print out and track your reading. However, you don’t need to use this – you can track your reading any way you like! Use a diary, a calendar, a notebook, an Excel spreadsheet…

We’ve decided to expand the reading challenge encourage participation from young people, adults and families based on feedback received. We’ve developed the Aberdeen Reads challenge to include everyone. It’s based on the 6 minutes reading challenge - reading for 6 minutes a day reduces stress and has a positive impact on people’s mood. It’s also a great opportunity for us to highlight the range of resources available from Aberdeen City Libraries. 

Instead of the usual incentives, we will hold prize draws at the end of the challenge for those who have participated and completed the main challenge and at least 3 mini challenges. 

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