Repairs and maintenance responsibilities

We complete around 56,400 reactive repairs on Council homes every year. Because we carry out so many jobs, it's important that you know what we are responsible for.

We repair and maintain the structure and outside parts of the property you live in, including:

  • Gutters and roof tiles.
  • Pipes.
  • Drains.
  • Garages.
  • Fences, walls and gates owned by the Council.
  • Paths leading from the property boundary to your entrance doors.
  • any common facilities. 

We also look after wiring, power and light fittings, heating and hot water systems, smoke detectors we have installed and any common areas. We will also service any appliances that we own.

Safety - we are all responsible

We must do a gas safety check in your home once a year. This includes testing any carbon monoxide detector you have. We do this check when we service the boiler. 

You must, by law, let us into your home to do it. If you do not allow us in we will force entry, and you will have to pay for this.

You should test any smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector in your home at least once a month. Also, replace the battery in your smoke detector when it gets low.

Your responsibilities

Allow our staff and repair workers into your home to do repairs, safety checks and inspections

  • Telling us as soon as you notice a repair is needed, and trying to stop it getting worse.
  • Fitting wastes, pipework and vents for washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers, if these are not already provided.
  • Repair your own appliances or fixtures, and any changes you have made to your home (you must get our permission before making changes).
  • Act to prevent condensation e.g use extractor fan.
  • Try to prevent pipes or drains from becoming blocked or freezing.

If you have a simple repair that needs carried out, please watch our tutorial videos.

What happens if there is damage to my home?

If you or anyone in your home (including children, visitors or pets) cause damage to your home, we expect you to get it repaired to a reasonable standard. We can do this work for you, but you will have to pay us the full cost of the repair.

If we do the repair you will still have to pay us for the cost of the repair. You may be able to claim back these costs on your home contents insurance. Find out more about home contents insurance.

If damage is caused by criminal behaviour, we will look at the circumstances surrounding the cause of the damage and decide whether the cost of the repair is recharged to you. You need to let the police know and get a crime incident number but we will investigate and make a decision about charging you for the repair, just because you have a crime incident number does not mean that you will not be charged.

If an employee, or contractor, causes damage to your property which could have been avoided, we will:

  • Carry out the repairs.
  • Pay you compensation for any losses.
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