Choice Based Lettings

From June 2023, we are changing the way we allocate housing. Choice Based Lettings allows you to make an informed decision about where you would like to live by bidding (registering interest) on our available properties online. We will advertise available homes on our website each week (called a bidding cycle). 

In order to bid for properties, you will need a Housing Online account and an application for housing, which has been assessed by us and placed on an appropriate housing list. If you do not have an application, this can be created on Housing Online. 

We operate four housing lists. Once an application has been processed and all relevant information received, applications will be placed on the appropriate list based on the applicants' circumstances and assessed housing need. The four housing lists are: 

  • Urgent Housing List 
  • Waiting List 
  • Transfer List 
  • Housing with Support (sheltered, very sheltered and amenity housing) 

At this time, Sheltered and Amenity Housing will not be allocated via Choice Based Lettings. If you have an application on the Housing with Support List, we will allocate a suitable property to you and contact you to arrange a viewing. 

More information about how we allocate housing is available in our Housing Allocation policy. 

Our bidding cycle runs from 12pm each Tuesday to 11:59pm the following Monday. This may change on public holidays or when we need to carry out essential system maintenance. Additional properties may be added to the list through the week, so we encourage you to check the portal regularly. You will be able to bid on up to 10 different properties each week. 

The timing of your bid during the bidding cycle - whether you make it right at the beginning or at the end - has no effect on how you are prioritised for housing. 

It is important that your housing application is up to date as this information will determine if you are eligible for a property. This includes criteria such as the number of bedrooms you have been assessed as needing, whether you have a pet and property types you have told us you will consider. If you bid for a property that does not match the criteria in your housing application, your bid will not be considered. If you wish to update your application, this can be done on Housing Online within the My Submitted Applications area. 

We encourage you to add all letting areas and property types to your application. This will allow you to bid on any property that meets your needs. You can edit the areas on your application online, however this will mean that you won't be able to bid for a property within an area that is not on your application.

Each week you will be able to bid for up to 10 properties. We encourage you to bid for as many properties to maximise your changes of receiving an offer. However, it is important that you choose your bids carefully and only bid for properties that you are eligible for and would accept if offered. 

Our property adverts tell you: 

  • Weekly rent
  • What type of property it is (for example a multi-storey flat or a cottage/house) 
  • What need type the property is suitable for (for example Sheltered Accommodation)
  • Property location 
  • Number of bedrooms
  • What type of bathroom facilities the property has 
  • Council tax band 
  • What level the property is on within a building 
  • What type of heating the property has 
  • Number of access steps 
  • Whether pets are allowed (information on pet ownership in a Council tenancy is available via our website)
  • The position of the bedroom and bathroom within the property 
  • Photographs of the property 

At the end of the bidding cycle, the property will be offered to the person with the highest priority. We will contact you if your bid is successful, you do not need to contact us.

If you are a current Aberdeen City Council tenant, we will contact you within 5 days to arrange access to your current home to complete a property review before an offer of accommodation is made. 

If you are not a current tenant and have been selected for an offer, we will phone you within 2 working days. The phone call will come from a withheld number. During this call, we will ask you some more questions and arrange to meet you at the property so that you can view it. 

At your viewing we will show you inside the property and any communal areas. You can ask any questions you have about the property or area at this appointment. After the viewing, you will have 48 hours to decide whether you are going to accept the offer of the property. 

If you decide to accept the offer, you will be invited to sign the lease agreement. At this stage, you will be responsible for paying the rent for the property. 

If you do not accept the property, it will be offered to the next person on the priority list. We will determine if the offer was suitable for you or not. If it is decided that the offer was suitable, your application may be deferred for one year and you will not be able to bid on any properties.  

If your bid is unsuccessful, you will be able to bid in the next bidding cycle. 

Service Charges 

Heating charges may apply in some of our buildings, and these will be noted on the property details page. These charges are not covered by Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. 

Sensitive Lets 

Some of our properties are 'sensitive lets'. This means there are restrictions on who can be shortlisted for these properties. An example would be that there has been a history of antisocial behaviour surrounding a property or area. We may not be able to provide a reason as to why a particular property is classified as a sensitive let. 

Current Tenants

If you are a current Aberdeen City Council tenant, we will contact you to arrange access to your current home to complete a property inspection before your bid is successful and an offer of accommodation being made. If you do not respond, or do not allow this visit to take place, we will be unable to progress the offer. You should expect to receive contact within 5 days of placing the bid to organise the visit to complete the property inspection. 

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