Report litter, leaves, dirt or debris

We are responsible for clearing litter, dirt and debris from council-owned public spaces, roads and pavements. This includes:

  • Bird droppings
  • Blood
  • Broken glass
  • Dog dirt
  • Grit, sand or gravel
  • Leaves - please only report leaves if they are causing a danger, for example if they are deep, wet or slippy on a major footpath. Otherwise, we will clear them as part of our planned work programme. 
  • Litter
  • Oil
  • Overflowing litter or dog waste bins
  • Road traffic accident debris
  • Vomit

We are not responsible for cleaning up private land. Please contact the landowner about this. 


We will take action against people who drop or leave litter in any public place, even if it is thrown from a vehicle, by issuing fixed penalty notices. City Wardens will issue a fixed penalty notice of £80 to anyone found littering in a public place. The fixed penalty cost is set by the Scottish Government. 

If you have been given a fixed penalty notice, you can pay the fine at Marischal College.

Contact the Environmental Services team 

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