Report flytipping

 Flytipping is illegally leaving things that you do not want somewhere you're not meant to, for example next to a bin or road, in a field or a river.

Flytipping is not only unsightly and detrimental to the environment it is also an offence.  The Council currently clears an average of 446 illegally dumped items per month.

Council tenants can report flytipping within their communal garden or block areas using Housing Online.

The Council does not collect flytipping from private land as this is the legal responsibility of the landowner.

Contact us if you have any information that may help solve an incident of illegal dumping.

Advice for Hiring a Private Waste Contractor

Members of the public may from time-to-time wish to contract a private company to remove waste from their premises, whether this be excess household waste, garden waste, bulky items or controlled waste.

If you use a company which offers to dispose of your waste, you must make sure that the company is a SEPA-registered waste carrier and you should ask for paperwork for the disposal and ask the carrier exactly which licenced facility they intend to use to dispose of the waste.

If the company cannot provide this information you should seek to make an arrangement elsewhere. If your contracted waste carrier dumps your waste illegally then you could be held responsible and receive a fine of up to £5,000 as a consequence.

If you are planning to hire a waste carrier you can check whether they are SEPA-registered by visiting the SEPA Wastecarriers website or by calling 0300 0996699

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