Dog fouling

It is an offence under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act for a person in charge of a dog to fail to remove and dispose of appropriately any excrement after the animal has fouled. The Act applies to all public places including common passages, back greens, stairs and other similar areas.

You may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 if you fail to clear up excrement after a dog under your control has fouled. The charge will rise to £100 if not payed within 28 days. You can pay a Fixed Penalty Notice or purchase biodegradable dog waste bags at the following locations:

If you wish to appeal a Fixed Penalty Notice, this must be done in writing, by post or by email, to the Environmental Health service.

The Dog Wardens will investigate any complaint of dog fouling within two working days. Keep a diary of who, where and when the fouling is occurring. This will help the investigation and possible enforcement action. Do not take pictures or photographs of the offence being committed.

You can report dog fouling online or by contacting the Environmental Health service.

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