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Virtual School information for primary school and secondary school pupils

Primary school pupils

I am Larissa and I am the Virtual School Head Teacher. A Virtual school is something a bit different. Just like the Head teacher in your own school, I have pupils on my school roll and I need to make sure that everyone helps them to do well. The difference is that there is not a building for the Virtual School and my school pupils include all of the children who are Looked After by Aberdeen City Council. This means that they could live anywhere in the country and attend a school. My job means I get to help your teachers, social worker and other people in your life make sure you are able to enjoy school and do your best. If you are finding school difficult, you should speak to your teachers, social worker or someone at home. If things are not getting any better for you, they can ask me for help. I can then meet with you to find out what you think might help or I can find out what other things might help you to manage better. There are times when all of us need a bit of extra help.

Secondary school pupils

I am Larissa your Virtual School Head Teacher. The Virtual School does not exist as a building and children do not attend it, they remain the responsibility of the school at which they are enrolled. Virtual School Aberdeen is simply a tool to help co-ordinate support for you and get additional support if needed. You have a Head teacher in your school who is responsible for all of the pupils and their education. My job is to provide an extra bit of support for those young people who are Looked After (Care Experienced), to make sure that everyone in education is getting it right for you. This means that in addition to having your Guidance teacher, Depute Head and Head teacher to speak to about concerns, you also have me. If you have any questions or queries, you should let your social worker know in the first instance. They will then contact me. I can then arrange to meet you or get in touch

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