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This page provides a variety of information about your Council Tax bill and explains what you can do if you think that it is incorrect.

Who pays the bill?

Council Tax is usually paid by someone who lives in the property as their only or main residence. The person or people who fall into the highest category on the list below will be responsible for paying Council Tax:

  • Someone who owns the property and lives in it.
  • A tenant who lives in the property.
  • A sub-tenant who lives in the property.
  • Anyone else who lives in the property.
  • A sub-tenant who does not live in the property.
  • A leaseholder who does not live in the property.
  • Someone who owns the property but does not live in it.

In some circumstances, owners will be held liable even if there are people living in the property (for example, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), halls of residence and so on). For more information please contact us.

Joint owners or tenants

When more than one person is responsible for paying Council Tax for a property, this is called joint and several liability. Each person is responsible for paying, even if we only send the bill to one person. If the bill is not paid, we can pursue full payment from anyone who is named on the bill.

You may be jointly and severally liable to pay Council Tax if:

  • You are married, you live as if you were married, or you are in a civil partnership with, someone who is liable for paying the Council Tax bill.
  • You and someone else are joint owners of a property.
  • You and someone else are joint tenants of a property.

If you are under 18, severely mentally impaired, a full-time student or a care leaver you may not be held liable. Please see the information about Occupied Discounts and Exemptions

I think my property is in the wrong Council Tax band

Your charge is based on the valuation band of your property. If you think that your property is in the wrong valuation band you can appeal this. To make a valuation banding appeal please contact:

Grampian Assessor 
Woodhill House Westburn Road Aberdeen AB16 5GE 
01224 068400 

I think I have been charged the wrong amount

If your enquiry is to obtain confirmation of:

  • Your Council Tax liability
  • Your Council Tax balance
  • Details on payments made, or any changes to your payment method
  • Any award and calculation of your Council Tax Reduction

This information can be obtained by using your council tax reference and registering through our secure Register for Self Service.  

If your query cannot be resolved through Self Service, or the information held on Self Service is incorrect you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can review your circumstances, provide you with an explanation or make any necessary amendments and issue a revised bill. 

Council Tax appeal

If you have queried your bill and you are not satisfied with our response you can appeal our decision. You must include the reason for your appeal, your reference number, your name, address and the date of your bill. If someone is acting on your behalf, they must also give their name and you must provide confirmation that they have your permission to act on your behalf.

You must continue to pay the amount shown on your bill until you receive the outcome of your review or appeal.

Council spending

You can download charts and graphs showing Council spending, how Council Tax is calculated and other financial information below:


See the Strategy, Performance and Statistics section for more information. 

Other useful documents

Scottish Water

If your property is connected to the public water supply and/or waste water system, we must include these charges on your Council Tax bill on behalf of Scottish Water.

We no longer issue Scottish Water leaflets with your annual Council Tax bill however, you can view the leaflet here. If you would like a paper copy of the leaflet please contact us .

We can only deal with questions you have about paying the charges, not the services you receive. If you have any questions about the services that Scottish Water provide, please visit the Scottish Water website, phone 0800 0778 778 or email help@scottishwater.co.uk

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