How your Council Tax is spent

Where our money comes from

Council Tax accounts for 19% of the funding we need to run our services each year. The rest of our money comes from other income, business rates and Scottish Government grants. This table gives a full breakdown of where our money comes from in 2019-20.  

Where our money comes from

£million %
Fees, charges and other income 243.28 34
General revenue grant 53.55 8
Non domestic rates 258.56 36
Council Tax 132.36 19
Ring fenced grants 20.34 3
Total income 708.09 100

What we spend it on

This table shows a breakdown of the Council wide spend over the main service groups in 2019-20. It also shows the amount of Band D Council Tax spent on each of the main service groups. This allows for comparison with other Scottish Councils. 

What we spend it on £million Council Tax (£)
City Growth 10.763 20.13
Commissioning 27.513 51.46
Customer 98.742 184.67
Governance 4.953 9.26
Integration Joint Board 136.116 254.57
Operations 286.897 536.58
Resources 129.473 242.15
Strategic Place Planning 10.342 19.34
Council contingencies 13.742 25.70
Council expenses 2.987 5.59
Joint Valuation Board 1.677 3.14
Trading services surplus (15.112) (28.26)
Total 708.093 1324.33

Council house rents

As set out in the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987, spending on Council houses is met from Council house rents, government grants and any other income raised. Council Tax and business rate payers do not contribute towards the cost of Council houses. In 2019-20, rents were increased by 4.3%. 

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