Council Tax enquiries

If you have an enquiry regarding any of the following, you can complete the online form:

  • Tell us about a change of circumstances
  • Request a physical copy of a bill (you can view your bill online by signing up for ebilling)
  • If you think your bill or balance is wrong
  • Request physical proof of your liability (you can view your bill online by signing up for ebilling)
  • Let us know you are having difficulty paying
  • If you think you shouldn't have received a Reminder, Final Notice or Letter from the Sheriff Officer
  • Make a payment enquiry (you can check payments you have made by signing up for ebilling)
  • Provide us with information or evidence we have asked you for
  • Find out your Council Tax reference number
  • Make another Council Tax enquiry

If you want to tell us you have or are moving home, complete our Change of Address form.
If you want to apply for discount or exemption, complete our Discount or Exemption form.
If you are a landlord or leasing agent and want to tell us a tenant is moving in or out, complete our Report a change of tenancy for Landlords form.

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