What to do if you are in a crisis

Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Welfare Fund provides emergency and crisis grants if you are in financial difficulty. You can apply online: 

You can also phone 0800 03 04 713 to apply. Phones are available at the Marischal College Customer Service Centre to call this number.

Food and clothing

Download an up to date list of food and clothing banks in Aberdeen: 

See an up to date list of where to get free meals in Aberdeen.

Housing and homelessness

See information about our housing advice service who can give advice about finding somewhere to live.

Finding work

Download an up to date list of charities who can help you with job related skills.

Duty social work

Contact the social work team for more information.

Benefits and money advice

Contact our benefits and money advice team for support with financial issues.

Antisocial behaviour

Visit our antisocial behaviour team for further support.

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