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The aim of Social Work is to promote social welfare and to support the informal care provided by families, neighbours and the community in general. This support to carers in Aberdeen takes a wide variety of forms including day respite, residential respite, provision of one-to-one workers, and so on.

Are you looking after someone?

Caring for someone can happen very suddenly, sometimes overnight, or you may find yourself doing more and more over many months and years. Although it can be rewarding, looking after someone can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing and impact on you financially and socially. 

All carers that come into contact with Social Work are entitled to a carer’s assessment. You can ask for an assessment if you feel that you are providing care on a sustainable and regular basis. The assessment will involve a Care Manager meeting with you to discuss your particular situation and the range of help available. Together with a Care Manager you can work out what your needs are, and the assessment will take account of: the needs of the person you care for; the things you have to do to care; how you are coping; any other support you have (for example friends and family; services in place. The Care Manager will discuss with you what type of help might be available and help you make plans and think about the future.

Who is a carer?

A carer can be:

  • a parent caring for a child with special needs.
  • an older person caring for a partner, relative or friend who is physically or mentally ill.
  • a child who is caring for a sick or disabled parent, brother or sister.

Carers will vary in age and in the nature of tasks they undertake, and people can still be carers when they do not live with the person they are caring for.

What kind of help is available to carers? 

Services available to help carers include:

  • Welfare benefits advice 
  • Day care
  • Home care, including help with personal care and housework
  • Community alarm
  • Respite or short breaks from caring
  • Residential respite care
  • Carers Support Service 

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