Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry was set up on 1 October 2015  and is studying the nature and prevalence of abuse in Care in Scotland from living memory to 2014.

The Inquiry is raising public awareness of the historical abuse of children in Care and provides an opportunity for public acknowledgement of the suffering of those children.

The Inquiry hears evidence from people who were in Care, organisations who provided the Care, and expert witnesses. The Inquiry considers societal attitudes towards children, examines the early development and history of Care services in Scotland, and the legislative and regulatory frameworks governing children in Care in Scotland.  

Once concluded, the Inquiry will report to Scottish Ministers with recommendations to improve future law, policies, and practices in Scotland. The report will also be presented to the Scottish Parliament. 

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry
Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Hearings Calendar
Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry List of Current Investigations

Talk to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry - The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry wants to hear from you

-    If you were a victim of abuse in Care as a child
-    Know of child abuse in Care

Contact the Inquiry directly 0800 0929 300 or e-mail Information about talking to the Inquiry about your experience can be accessed here 

If you would like to tell the Inquiry about your own or others' positive experiences of being in care as a child see the Positive experiences in care factsheet and application for more information about how to do this.

Scotland’s Redress Scheme opened in December 2021. The Scheme is for people who have been subjected to abuse in Care in Scotland. You could be entitled to a payment from the Scottish Government, as well as a formal apology. 

Redress has been set up to recognise and acknowledge what happened and the harm abuse caused. The scheme covers:
•    physical abuse
•    sexual abuse
•    emotional abuse
•    neglect

You can apply to Scotland’s Redress Scheme if you were abused:
•    as a child (when you were 17 years old or younger)
•    before 1 December 2004
•    in Scotland
•    in a relevant care setting 

To find out more and how to apply: Scotland’s Redress Scheme

Press release about the Deputy First Ministers announcement of the scheme opening here


Survivors are at the heart of the Redress Scotland Process 

-    Redress Scotland is an independent body funded by the Scottish Government
-    Redress Scotland’s role is to make decisions about applications to Scotland’s Redresss Scheme
-    Redress Scotland’s values are respect, dignity, and compassion
-    Redress Scotland’s approach is based on honesty and clarity. 

Contact Redress Scotland, Monday – Friday 0900-1700 0300 244 9090 or e-mail and further information can be accessed on their web pages at Redress Scotland

Aberdeen City Council is compelled to respond to any requests for information from the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry and Redress Scotland.  

Aberdeen City Council set up their specialist Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Team in 2017. The team’s portfolio includes: 

-    Support people who have been abused in Care to access their records
-    Responding to The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry
-    Redress
-    Scottish Civil and Criminal Court processes

You can contact Aberdeen City Council Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Team directly on 07718604759 or e-mail

You can reach out to Aberdeen City Council to access any records they hold about you. 

Further information Aberdeen City Council Access to Information Pages and how to access your records Exercise Your Information Rights  

Information for adult survivors, reporting to the police and the court process can be found on Police Scotland's webpages Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Breathing Space

Helpline available Monday-Thursday 6pm to 2am, and Friday 6pm-Monday 6am  
Tel: 0800 83 85 87  

Future Pathways

Future Pathways supports in Care abuse survivors. We help adults who were victims of historical abuse in a Care setting’s in Scotland as children. Our aim is to help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life.
0808 164 2005 (Lines are open Monday to Friday 10am-6pm)

Prevent Suicide Northeast Scotland 

This is an app and website which offers a range of support options for people who may be in distress or seeking information on services.  There are links to various local support organisations, as well as tools for suicide prevention.  


A confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
01224 574 488 or 08457 90 90 90

SAMH - Scottish Association for Mental Health 

Tel: 0344 800 0550 

Victim Support Scotland – accessible to children over 12 and adults   

Tel: 0800 160 1985  

Support for Employees 

Aberdeen City Council employees can reach out to any of the afore mentioned organisations and services. Time for Talking is a bespoke service for ACC employees and a confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
0800 970 3980

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