Food Hygiene Information Scheme

The Food Hygiene Information Scheme provides commercial kitchens and other businesses selling food in the Aberdeen area with information about how well the premises did during their last food hygiene inspection.  In addition to this a copy of the most recent inspection report can also be viewed. This will help to increase consumer confidence and allow customers to make choices about where they purchase food.

The potential inspection outcomes are as follows:

  • Pass
    Indicates that the business broadly meets legal requirements relating to food hygiene. These requirements relate to the conditions found as well as the management procedures in place for providing safe food. The display of a "Pass" certificate should provide reassurance that the business met legal requirements at the time of the inspection.
  • Improvement required
    Where a business has failed to meet the requirements for a "Pass", it will be issued with an "Improvement Required" certificate.
  • Awaiting inspection
    Where a business has not yet been inspected, it will be issued with a temporary certificate advising consumers of that fact. Premises will also require to be re-inspected where they have changed ownership.
  • Pass with eat safe
    A number of businesses have achieved excellent food hygiene compliance and have been recognised under the Food Standards Agency’s eat safe award scheme. 

If a business is awarded an improvement required rating, a request for a revisit can be made by the business operator. The request should be made to the officer conducting the inspection or by using the contact details provided below. On receipt of such a request, the Council is required by the Scheme to visit within 7 working days. Business operators are advised that any outstanding matters should have been addressed before such a revisit is requested.

Where a business operator feels that the officer’s judgement is incorrect in relation to the application of the Scheme, an appeal can be lodged by using the contacts below.

Information will be made available to consumers in two ways:

  • Businesses will be given a certificate which states the outcome of the inspection – and be invited to display this within view of customers, and

  • Details of the inspection outcome will be displayed on the Food Hygiene Information Scheme website.

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