Business Continuity Planning

It is important that businesses prepare plans to assist them preparing for, responding to, and recovering from serious disruptive challenges, such as flooding, fire, staff illness and power outages. 

Developing business continuity plans will help to identify risks and vulnerabilities as well as proving a framework for collating key information, which will help to ensure an effective and efficient response to disruptions. 

Having these plans in place, and ensuring that relevant staff understand them, can help to reduce the impact of disruptive challenges, build staff and customer confidence, and allow for businesses to return to business as usual more quickly than competitors who are less prepared.  

There are a range of resources available to support business develop business continuity plans, such as Ready Scotland where a 10 minute plan template is available. 

Businesses seeking Covid-19 related advice and guidance can be found on Aberdeen City Council’s Support for Businesses webpage. 

Businesses can also contact the team directly at 


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