Support for business

Details of all business support available from Scottish and UK Governments and partner organisations can be found on the following sites:

Business Hardship fund (October restrictions to businesses)

COVID-19 Strategic Framework Business Fund (from 2nd November)

Invest Aberdeen 

Aberdeen Inspired  

Business Gateway 

Aberdeen Local Restrictions Business Support Fund (August restrictions to businesses)


For any other general business enquiries e-mail:

Commercial Tenants

The Council is understanding of the challenges that our tenants are facing at the moment. Invoices for Commercial rent are continuing to be issued in accordance with lease terms however any tenant who is struggling to pay rent should contact to discuss their options. Any tenant who is looking to defer rental payments will be required to provide the following: 

  1. A copy of the company’s last three years trading accounts 
  2. A copy of the company’s current year profit and loss account. 
  3. Confirmation of any government funding received during this period 
  4. Cash flow forecasts for the next 6 months  
  5. Confirmation if the company holds business interruption insurance that covers pandemics inc COVID -19. 

Further tenants who are struggling to meet rent and other commitments are encouraged to contact the Business Growth Team for advice -  

COVID-19 Business Contingency Fund – Phase 1

Soft play centres and nightclubs which have been closed by law since the beginning of lockdown at the end of March may now be eligible for support through a £11m COVID–19 Contingency Fund. One off grants of £10,000 up to £50,000 will be available and will be based on the rateable value of the premises that the business operates from.

Businesses operating multiple premises will be eligible to claim one full grant plus grants of up to 75% on subsequent properties.

The Scottish Government have asked for Local Authorities to follow their strict guidelines to identify businesses who will be eligible for this support and will contact you shortly.

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