Road construction consent

If you are planning to construct new roads, footways, and so on you are required, under Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, to seek authorisation from the local authority. We must give you consent to build the road before you start building it.

A Road Construction Consent (RCC) is normally required for developments with more than 5 properties. If you are a housing association or the road is for commercial businesses, for example a business park, you may not require one. The conditions of your RCC will indicate if you require a road bond, and if so, the value required. You must also obtain any other permissions or conditions required, such as planning permission or building warrants.

Road bonds

A Road Bond is a security which is required under the Security for Private Roadworks (Scotland) regulations. It is held by the Council and we may use it to complete a road if the developer has failed to comply with the conditions of the RCC.

You cannot start building houses until you have lodged a bond and we have accepted it. If you have already started building work without a bond for your RCC, you should stop work immediately and contact us.

The Road Bond can be either a security from a bank or other security company, or the amount in cash, in the form of a cheque. If the bond is a cheque, then the money will be held in an account where it shall gain interest. The bond value can be lowered at stages as set in the above regulations. When reaching these stages it is the responsibility of the developer to request that the bond be lowered. We will calculate a revised bond value and inform the developer of the new revised value. If you have deposited cash as a bond then we will send a cheque to the bond holder with the accrued interest.

Applying for consent

You can download the application forms below. Please return the completed forms to

Please download the checklist below for more information about what you need to submit at each stage of your application: 

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