Report a street light problem

Due to COVID-19 we are only dealing with emergencies as detailed below

We are responsible for looking after all street lights in Aberdeen City Council except those on private or unadopted roads.

We take the safety of the public very seriously, and appreciate you telling us about potential problems. Please let us know about problems such as:

  • Street lights out.
  • Street lights not coming on at the correct time.
  • Damaged lamp post.


A street light problem that is causing a clear and immediate danger can be treated as an emergency. For any problems that are classed as an emergency please call us on 03000 200 292 (option 5, then option 1). We will attend within 4 hours and if required make it safe.

Examples of an emergency include:

  • Damage to street light cables.
  • Lamp post struck by a vehicle.
  • Lantern hanging dangerously.
  • Dangerous overhead wires.

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