Removal of vehicles

We have the powers to clamp, remove, store and dispose of illegally parked vehicles.

We use these powers to help improve road safety and traffic flows.

We have contracted CARS Recovery Limited to clamp, remove and store vehicles. Vehicles may only be clamped and removed under the instruction of the City Wardens.

What to do if your vehicle is missing

If you think that your vehicle has been removed, contact CARS Recovery Limited on 01224 896500 to find out if it has been removed under our instruction. You can also contact Police Scotland on 101.

We may have removed your vehicle because you:

  • Parked dangerously or obstructively.
  • Have unpaid parking charges and parked your vehicle on a restricted area such as a yellow line or parking bay.

How to reclaim your vehicle

To have your vehicle released you must go to the pound, pay the relevant charges and produce required documentation.

Vehicles are securely stored at:

CARS Recovery Limited
Craigshaw Drive
West Tullos Industrial Estate
AB12 3AS

You can contact CARS Recovery Limited on 01224 896500 or email

The pound is open from 7am to 12am Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. First Bus Aberdeen numbers 3, 3A, 5 and 21 run from the city centre and go near the pound.

If you do not claim your vehicle, it may be sold or scrapped. 


Charges are set out in the table below. You must also pay any outstanding Penalty Charge Notices when you reclaim your vehicle. You can pay by cash, debit card or credit card. 

Charge Amount
Removal of vehicle (impound charge)  £190
Storage charge (per day or part day) 


Penalty Charge Notice £60 (discounted to £30 if paid within 14 days)
Release of vehicle from immobilisation device (clamp) £50 
Disposal £150 


You must show the following documents before your vehicle can be released: 

  • Vehicle registration documents.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Valid driving licence.
  • Proof of current address such as a Council Tax statement, a household bill or a bank statement.

How to appeal

If you think that your vehicle should not have been removed then you have the right to make representation to the Council under section 71 of the Road Traffic Act 1991. You must do this in writing. You will get more information about how to do this when you collect your vehicle. If your representation is successful then your payment will be refunded.

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