City Wardens

In 2009 the City Warden service was established after combining the roles of parking enforcement, community warden, and environmental warden. The main role of the City Wardens is to help deter antisocial behaviour, littering and illegal parking in the city. City Wardens provide a flexible service that responds to the needs of the communities they serve.

Keeping the city moving

The City Wardens challenge illegal parking every day to ensure the city’s traffic is free flowing to get you where you need to go. This can include routine patrolling of communities or supporting some of the large events we see in the city such as the Baker Hughes 10k or the Great Aberdeen Run.

City Wardens are also able to arrange the removal of vehicles that are seen to be causing a dangerous obstruction, blocking event routes or traffic works and (unfortunately) those drivers that choose to repeatedly park illegally.

Additionally, the service also has responsibility for bus lane enforcement to support our goal of promoting sustainable transport options. The bus lanes allow buses to keep moving during peak times across the city.

Keeping the city clean and safe

We hope that you often see a City Warden in your community as this is an important part of their job. The City Wardens regularly receive tasks from our partners working to make communities safer, these tasks are completed while we patrol your community and can include things like, youth disorder, dog fouling, littering complaints and more.

In addition, the City Wardens work with the Council’s partners such as Police Scotland or the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to support operations or initiatives. They have also been known to work alongside other Council services such as Trading Standards or School Crossing Patrollers.

We are continuously looking at ways to add more value to the communities we serve. This has included involvement in community led events such as litter picks,

How can we help you?

On occasions the Wardens have been called into action to help look for missing people and they also remove sharp/drug paraphernalia after it’s been reported to the Council.

So whenever you see a City Warden out and about feel free to say hello or ask them a question, they will be more than happy to help you.

Report it

Report a community issue to the City Warden Service

Report a parking machine problem


While on duty City Wardens wear high visibility yellow vests. The jacket has the words 'City Warden' or 'Senior City Warden' prominently displayed on the back. Their hats are very distinctive as they have a blue and white checked band and carry the Council crest.

City Wardens patrol all communities in the city.

City Wardens patrol from 7am to 10.30pm, 7 days a week. Additionally the wardens will work outside these hours to deal with any relevant issues.

The City Wardens use their enforcement powers when appropriate and take immediate action on issues such as littering, dog fouling and rogue parking.

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