Health information points

In co-operation with Health Information Resources Service (Grampian), there is a Health Information Point (HIP) in the Information Centre of the Central Library, Mastrick Library and Tillydrone Library. The HIPs provide high quality accessible information on a range of health topics, mainly focusing on health promotion, for example;

  • smoking cessation
  • healthy eating
  • exercise
  • heart health

Information is also provided on other medical issues and topics such as cancer, asthma and strokes. All publications and leaflets are free.

You can find staffed Health Information Points at the Concourse at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and the Health Village, Frederick Street. The NHS Grampian Healthpoints page provides more information on their range of services and opening hours. 

Health Information Requests

Health Leaflets on a range of health topics can be requested for collection at any of our libraries. This is a completely confidential service and the items are sent out in sealed envelopes with just your name and your pick up library on the envelope. Email us at to make a request.

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