Wi-Fi access at libraries

You can use your laptop, phone or mobile device to access the free wireless internet connection in all libraries as well at some community centres, museums, Adventure Aberdeen, Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen University and Marischal College.

You'll need to register to access this free service. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and scan for the Aberdeen-city-connect network. Complete the registration process using Facebook, Twitter or Google Accounts. If you don't use any of these there is a simple form to complete. Once registered your device will pick up the network when you visit any of the locations where it is available within the city.

If you are a student in the city, you should be able to pick up your university Wi-Fi in all of the locations listed above and log in as you would normally do.

If you have any issues with access to this 24/7 service please speak to staff at your location if they are available or contact us:

01224 652518

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