Free internet and computer access

Public Access PCs

Every city library has PCs available for public access. Check the list of community libraries in Aberdeen to find the one nearest to you.

You must be a library member to use the bookable public access PCs. If you are already a member of the library you can book from home with your library card number and PIN via: 

If you are not a member you can Join Online to book a PC. Alternatively, Express PCs available in the Central Library Information Centre can be accessed without a membership. Sessions limited to 20 minutes.

If you do not know your PIN you can complete the PIN Request form and your PIN will be emailed to you.

All PCs offer access to the Internet and the main Office applications.

Please be aware, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the recycle bin, deleted items and downloads folders are cleared of any information at the end of the session.


Wi-Fi Service

Free wireless internet access at is available at all libraries. You can use your laptop, phone or mobile device to access the free wireless internet connection in all libraries as well at some community centres, museums, Adventure Aberdeen, Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen University and Marischal College.

You will need to register to access this free service. 

  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and scan for the Aberdeen-city-connect network.
  • Complete the registration process using Facebook, Twitter or Google Accounts. If you don't use any of these there is a simple form to complete.
  • Once registered your device will pick up the network when you visit any of the locations where it is available within the city.

If you are a student in the city, you should be able to pick up your university Wi-Fi in all of the locations listed above and log in as you would normally to your university Wi-Fi. 

If you have any issues with access to this 24/7 service please speak to staff on site if they are available or contact:

The Library Systems Team
01224 652518


Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Printing is available at a charge.

  • A4 Black & White 17p 
  • A3 Black & White 33p 
  • A4 Colour 44p
  • A3 Colour 88p

Colour printing are available at the Central LibraryAiryhall LibraryBridge of Don Library, Bucksburn Library, Kincorth Library and Mastrick Library.

Printing can be completed by logging into a Public PC or via our wireless print service - Princh.

Please note that due to security settings, we are only able to scan items to a USB stick. USB sticks are available for purchase.

Please note that library staff cannot and will not scan or copy materials for you if doing so will infringe copyright.

Full details of the current policy, please read the Copyright Notice below.


Library staff cannot and will not scan or copy materials for you if doing so would infringe copyright.

There is no general personal copying exemption to copyright in the UK.

Library staff will only scan or copy your own materials for you if you are able to show to their satisfaction that you have permission to do so.

If you would like a copy of commercially published material such as a book or magazine, you would be expected to purchase your own copy. Library staff may copy a brief extract for your private study or non-commercial research, likely to be no more than a page or so.

For some documents, such as passports, general permission may have been given publicly by the relevant authorities.

For other documents, you may need to provide evidence that permission has been given to you to copy them. This may be the case even with personal, family documents, though it may be sufficient in that case, where reasonable, to provide verbal assurance that you either are the copyright owner or have permission to copy.

We reserve the right not to assist you with scanning or copying if it is not clear that you have permission to copy. Library staff may refuse to scan or copy materials for you if they are not satisfied that you have permission.

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