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All City libraries have PCs available for library members, both adults and children, to use. When you join the library your membership allows you up to two hours per day for adults and one hour per day for those under the age of 16. In order to book or login to a library PC you require your card number and your PIN. If you do not know your PIN you can complete the PIN Request form and your number will be emailed to you.

If you are not a library member, complete the Online Membership Form. You will need to visit one of our libraries to collect your membership card to then use our PC facilities. To find out where your nearest local library is check our Community Library page for full details. For information on the Central Library visit the Central Library page.

Library PCs can be booked in advance by:

All PCs offer access to the Internet and the main Office applications. Scanning is available at each site and printing is also available at a charge. Other facilities such as Skype are also available, though not necessarily at all locations, and staff are on hand to assist if required.

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