The PPD collection consists mainly of photographs taken by the photographers the Technical Services Unit/Publicity and Promotions Division of Aberdeen Town Council, Aberdeen District Council and Aberdeen City Council between 1950 and 1985. There are earlier photographs included in the collection, along with copies provided by other agencies. The photographs are arranged by subject, and you can download our List of PPD Photographs or search on our Online Catalogue. Please note that neither the Online Catalogue or the list contain copies of any of the photographs we hold, and are lists only.

There are other photographs across the collections, which can be found in our online catalogue. Notable photographic collections examples include: 

  • DD638 Ordnance Survey Minor Control Point Albums of Aberdeen
  • DD1556 Georgina Watt's photographs of Aberdeenshire
  • DD1790 Aberdeen City Planing Department Photographs
  • DD2517 Housing Survey Photographs detailing living conditions within the City of Aberdeen
  • PD19 Photographs of the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit
  • Aberdeen Harbour Board Photographs (cataloguing in progress)

It is also worth checking the George Washington Wilson collection at the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums eMuseum catalogue Aberdeen City Library's Silver City Vault, the Shivas Collection at Aberdeenshire Museums and Buchan Heritage Society's Morrison Collection

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