Burial records in the Archives

Archives has interment records for a number of burial grounds within the north east of Scotland. Digitised versions of records relating to Aberdeen City burial grounds can be viewed on the pay-per-view site Deceased Online (£). All original Aberdeenshire burial material on our catalogue is held at Old Aberdeen House and is not available through Deceased Online.

Aberdeenshire Council have now made many of their other burials records (i.e. those not held by the Archives) available via Deceased Online.

A full list of all our burial records can be found on our Online Catalogue under the reference BR*.

Burial grounds map

This map shows the locations of the burial grounds for which we hold records. The red pins indicate records held at our Old Aberdeen House office, and the blue pins show records held at our Town House office.

About the records

See a location map of burial grounds for which we hold the records. The red pins indicate records held at our Old Aberdeen House office, and the blue pins show records held at our Town House office.

Once you have found a relevant document in the catalogue, the next step is to know how they work. Generally, the burial records are set out chronologically, that is, in date order. The way in which burial records are set out is roughly standard but as with all original records there can be variations. Nevertheless, the information you can expect to find remains the same - the name of the deceased, their age is usually noted, along with possibly their address and next of kin, and a lair number.

Next, all you need to do is book a space in one of our searchrooms. Remember, all original Aberdeen City burial registers are at the Town House (with the exception of the Allenvale records) and all original Aberdeenshire material is at Old Aberdeen House, but you can also view full digital versions of the Aberdeen City records at both offices, as well as gain free access to Deceased Online. We do advise you to make an appointment as space is limited in the searchroom. 

Please note that additional burial records are held by the Bereavement Services department of Aberdeen City Council, and the Landscape Services department of Aberdeenshire Council (Aberdeenshire have made many of there records available through Deceased Online). 

You can find details of other burial grounds in the north east, along with an index to published Monumental Inscriptions, on the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History website. North East Burial Grounds also provides location of most burial places and information about the location of any surviving records. 

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