Records of cremation and burials


We hold records of all persons cremated in Aberdeen since 15 March 1938 to the present day, for both the old crematorium (previously at Kaimhill) and the current Aberdeen Crematorium at Hazlehead.


There are 17 cemeteries in Aberdeen and our records start from around 1900 onwards.

A search for historical records can only be made as and when staff and time are available. The fee for any search not related to an interment or transfer of lair is £13 per 13 minutes. Because our records are not yet computerised, we must have an exact date of death, which cemetery you believe the deceased person or persons are buried and any other relevant information available. If you are unsure about the date of death, please contact the Registrars service

If you do not know which cemetery, try searching the obituary notices in the local paper for the time in question.

You can get information about burials before 1900 from the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives.

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