Aberdeenshire records

Since local government reorganisation in 1996, the historic documents of Aberdeenshire Council have been administered by Aberdeen City Council. The records include those of the former counties of Aberdeen, Kincardine and Banff up to 1975 and Grampian Region from 1975 to 1996. From 1996 the holdings include records from the current county of Aberdeenshire.

Burgh records

The records of these self-governing towns include Town Council minutes, accounts, letters, plans and harbour records, and are a vital source for local history. The burgh records held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives are as follows:

Burgh Period
Burgh of Aberchirder 1890 - 1964
Royal Burgh of Kintore 1747 - 1975
Burgh of Ballater 1890 - 1975
Burgh of Laurencekirk 1780 - 1975
Burgh of Banchory 1844 - 1975
Burgh of MacDuff 1783 - 1975
Royal Burgh of Banff 1649 - 1975
Burgh of Old Meldrum 1893 - 1975
Burgh of Ellon 1873 - 1975
Burgh of Peterhead 1807 - 1975
Burgh of Fraserburgh 1840 - 1975
Burgh of Portsoy 1889 - 1975
Burgh of Huntly 1834 - 1975
Burgh of Rosehearty 1811 - 1975
Burgh of Insch 1819 - 1975
Burgh of Stonehaven 1617 - 1975
Royal Burgh of Inverbervie 1708 - 1975
Burgh of Turriff 1858 - 1975
Royal Burgh of Inverurie 1793 - 1975

Indexes and transcriptions of Burgh records

County Council and District Council records

The county councils of Aberdeen, Banff and Kincardine, along with their district councils, were established in 1890. They were responsible for discharging many local authority functions up to 1975, including roads, public health, housing, education and planning. Minutes and accounts survive for all the county councils and for some district councils.

Poor relief records

From 1845 until the introduction of the welfare state in 1948, responsibility for poor relief was borne by parochial boards, parish councils and county councils. Minutes, applications for relief and registers of poor survive for many parishes, and many have been indexed by the Aberdeen and North-East Scotland Family History Society. Please visit our Online Catalogue for further information.

Please note that these records are subject to the Data Protection Act and that this may place restrictions on the use of material by researchers. Identification will be required to view records under the Data Protection Act.

School records

Head Teacher's log books and pupil admission registers survive for several hundred north-east schools. These records mostly post-date the Education (Scotland) Act 1872 which made it compulsory for children to attend school, but some records do survive before this. For further information please visit our Online Catalogue.

Please note that these records are subject to the Data Protection Act and that this may place restrictions on the use of material by researchers. Identification will be required to view records under the Data Protection Act.

School Boards and Education Authorities

Education in the north-east was administered by parish school boards from 1873 to 1919 and by county council education authorities from 1919 to 1929. The minutes of these bodies are a useful source of information on school buildings and the employment of teachers.

Commissioners of Supply records

The minutes and accounts of the Commissioners of Supply document the administration of counties by landowners until the establishment of county councils in 1890. Records survive for the counties of Aberdeen from 1654, Kincardine from 1762 and Banff from 1772. The records also contain the minutes and accounts of the turnpike road trustees and commutation road trustees. These bodies were charged with building and maintaining the north-east's roads from the 1790s to the 1870s.

See information about Assessed Tax Rolls 1799-1831 .

Valuation rolls, 1855 - date

Valuation rolls record the address and use of the property, the owner (proprietor) and occupier (tenant) and the value of the property for the purposes of local taxation. Valuation rolls are extremely useful in finding out the whereabouts of people between the census years. See our Valuation Rolls pages for more information.

Deposited records

The records of a small number of local businesses, churches, voluntary organisations and individuals have been deposited for permanent preservation alongside the official records of Aberdeenshire Council. A list of some of these records can be found on our Catalogues page.

Church records

Records for various Episcopalian and Methodist churches in the North East are held by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives. Church of Scotland records for Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Kincardineshire are held at the National Records of Scotland.

Please see the Aberdeenshire Archives Leaflet for more information, and as always please contact us if you have any queries.

Moray records

Records for Moray, including some school and poor relief records for areas of historic Banffshire, are held by the Moray Council Heritage Centre. For further information contact:

Local Heritage Service
Elgin Library
Cooper Park
IV30 1HS

01343 562639

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