Security and Emergency Situation Procedures


All schools across Aberdeen City are fitted with security systems. All primary and special schools have electronic access control systems. All secondary schools have electronic access control systems with some also having controlled external gates. Parents are asked to co-operate fully with security arrangements at each school. Parents are also asked to be vigilant and to warn their children about ‘stranger danger’. Any worries about unknown or suspect strangers on or near a school site should always be reported to the Head Teacher. 

Emergency Situation Procedures 

The Authority has procedures in place to deal with city wide emergencies. Schools have local procedures in place. We have a duty of care in respect of pupils in our charge during school hours and as such take necessary steps to ensure the safety of all primary and secondary pupils. As secondary pupils are more mature a lesser degree of supervision is considered appropriate. 

Head Teachers have discretion to close their school in emergency situations which would put pupils at risk. Where possible, they will try to contact parents to let them know of such a decision but this cannot always be guaranteed. It is of vital importance that parents ensure the Head Teacher has up to date contact details and telephone numbers in order to cover all emergencies. 

Every care is taken to try to ensure that pupils are not sent home in dangerous conditions. Adverse weather conditions could result in children having to stay in schools, or at agreed nearby addresses. As a matter of course, all Head Teachers request that parents nominate relatives or friends as a contact who can look after their children in an emergency. 

Each school has a safety procedure and full details are available on the school website or in the School Handbook which is also accessible from the school website. This information will include a link to school closures and transport disruption.  

Schools will make every effort to communicate any closures in a timely manner to parents/carers- through Groupcall message; school website and Twitter. Information about widescale school closures will also be shared widely through Aberdeen City Council communication channels, and through Northsound radio, Original 106 and local BBC News.   

Supervision of Children 

Schools must take reasonable care for the safety of pupils and provide such supervision as is reasonably required at any break time and the start and finish of the school day. If children have their parents’ permission to leave school at lunch time, for example to return home for lunch, then the school’s general duty of care ends when the child leaves the school premises. At this point the parents become responsible, until the child has returned to the school premises. 



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