School closures and transport disruptions

If schools are closed or partially closed due to bad weather or for any other reason, we will update the website to let pupils, parents and carers know. It is up to each individual school to decide whether or not to close depending on conditions. 

If a school is closed, a pink bar will appear at the top of each page on the website with information about the closure. You can also see details of school closures here:

School closures in Aberdeen are also reported on local radio stations Northsound and Original 106 and on local BBC news.

Travelling to school in severe weather

Parents and carers should decide whether or not it is safe to make the journey to school in severe weather. See our winter travel advice page for more information about travelling safely. We usually grit roads around schools from about 7am onwards, once we have finished gritting the main routes. See more information about how we prioritise roads for gritting

We grit pavements near schools in the morning once we have done the main pavements. See how we prioritise pavements for gritting.

School staff will grit a path through the playground so that there is a safe way to enter the school building. Other parts of the school playground are not usually gritted, so please take care. 

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