Multi-storey fire safety

The safety and security of our tenants and residents is paramount and we continuously inspect our properties to ensure they meet the required safety standards and regulations.

The materials and fittings within a multi-storey are designed to prevent fire and smoke spreading.

All of our over-cladded buildings were designed to comply with Scottish Building Regulations, and have been subject to building warrant approval, detailed design and specifications showing compliance with regulations and an inspection regime.

It is important to note that all materials employed in the over-cladding are fire resistant and fire stops are incorporated to cavities at party walls, party floors and around windows, which encloses the cavity area to further prevent any risk of fire spreading across the surface of the building.

We would encourage all residents to become familiar with the multi-storey fire safety information located in their communal areas:

  • If a fire breaks out in your house, quickly get everyone out, closing doors behind you to prevent smoke and fire spread.
  • When escaping, do not use the lifts. Take the protected staircase downwards away from the fire floor.
  • Ensure that you have a working smoke detector in your home to get an early warning, allowing you to escape safely.
  • If the fire is not in your home, phone 999 to report the fire and stay in your flat with the doors closed. Firefighters will instruct you to evacuate if necessary.
  • Only park in recognised car parking spaces because emergency vehicles need to get close to the building in an emergency.
  • Please do not smoke in any communal areas.
  • Please do not store items in drying rooms, corridors or stairwells. Any items found in these areas will be removed without warning.
  • Do not let strangers enter the building and keep access doors, drying rooms and bin rooms locked.

If the security door or any other safety feature is the building has been vandalised or damaged please report it

If you have any large items of furniture that you would like uplifted, please contact us to collect them.

Book a home fire safety visit

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service offer everyone in Scotland a free home fire safety visit. They will help you sort out a fire escape plan and provide information about smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms. Find out more about a home fire safety visit.

More fire safety advice for residents

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