Matchmake to Rent Scheme - privately owned properties available for rent

The matchmaker scheme aims to introduce empty homeowners who are looking to rent their privately owned empty property to people on Aberdeen City Council’s housing waiting lists.

This scheme requires the property to meet the Repairing Standard. Properties which do not meet the Repairing Standard will not be eligible for this scheme.


  • Free: It is free to use the information provided for the Aberdeen City Council Matchmake to Rent scheme to decide on a property, allowing you to match with suitable properties and owners.
  • Opportunity for access to the Private Rented Sector: An empty home can be an immediate answer for anyone in need of suitable accommodation. The scheme looks to match potential landlords with individuals or families on the Aberdeen City Council’s waiting list for housing.
  • Access to other types of properties: Empty properties come in various sizes and types, giving potential renters an increased opportunity to choose from other types of properties.
  • Security of Tenancy: With the new Private Rented Sector Tenancy Legislation (PRT), tenants are better protected. The tenancy is open-ended and will last until you wish to leave the let property or your landlord uses one (or more) of 18 grounds for eviction.


Property of Interest No of bedrooms Expected Rental Price Council Tax Band Landlord Registration Number & Contact Details  Additional Information Photos/ Schedules
5 Belgrave Terrace 1 £400 A


Terry Morgan

Acceptance of Local Housing Allowance;
Ground floor left, 20 St Peter Street 2 £593.35 A


Scott Adams

Acceptance of Local Housing Allowance 
22 Albury Gardens 2 £1,200 D


Stephen Christie

Acceptance of Local Housing Allowance
83 Cairncry Road 1 £450 A


Acceptance of Local Housing Allowance
17 Heathryfold Place 3 £780 B


Acceptance of Local Housing Allowance;
Aberdeen - 3 Bed Flat, Heathryfold Place, AB16 - To Rent Now for £780.00 p/m (
160E Bankhead Road 3 £850 C


Acceptance of Local Housing Allowance
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