Report a pollution problem

Air pollution

Smoke and dust nuisances can come from both domestic (such as barbeques, bonfires or a chimney) or commercial (such as construction sites or biomass heaters). We will investigate complaints of this nature within two working days.

If the nuisance is caused by a neighbour you should attempt to resolve the issue with them directly in the first instance. If the problem persists, you can report it to the Environmental Health service.

Water or land pollution

Water or land pollution can be investigated by the Environmental Health service. An officer will investigate a complaint within two working days.

Routine monitoring of drinking water is done by Scottish Water.

Routine monitoring of bathing waters at Aberdeen beach is done by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. Information is displayed on a board at the sea front next to the Beach Boulevard.

Artificial light glare nuisance (light pollution)

Glare from artificial lighting may cause a nuisance. If the light source is on a neighbour's property, you should attempt to resolve the issue with the neighbour directly.

If there is a persistent light nuisance, you can report it to the Environmental Health service and an officer will investigate within two working days.

Radon gas and background radiation

Aberdeen has high levels of radon gas and background radiation due to a number of factors including the use of granite as a building material. This is naturally occurring but if you would like more information about levels in your area please contact the Environmental Health service.

The Environmental Health service can also provide information about safe levels of radiation, how to reduce the level of radiation or more specific information.

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