Report an abandoned vehicle

You can report an abandoned vehicle in Aberdeen city by completing the online form below.

You can report an abandoned vehicle that is on private land or a public road. If reporting an abandoned vehicle on private land, please ensure you have the landowner's permission to report the vehicle before completing the form.

Some of the indicators that a vehicle may be abandoned, but not an exhaustive list:

  • the vehicle structure/glass has been damaged by vandalism as opposed to damage caused by a road traffic accident.
  • the vehicle has unsecured doors or an open boot.
  • the vehicle has been partially or fully burnt out.

Vehicles that are not necessarily abandoned:

  • Nuisance Vehicles (often confused with abandoned vehicles);
  • Sold on the street as part of a business;
  • Involved in local parking dispute;
  • Poorly parked / obstruction;
  • Untaxed;
  • Broken down.

Untaxed vehicles or those declared as SORN on a public road should be referred to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for enforcement.

Vehicles causing a traffic management issue such as an obstruction or nuisance should be reported to Police Scotland on 101.


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