Private water supplies

Private water supplies are those which are not provided by Scottish Water. Their source of water may be from springs, wells, boreholes, rivers or lochs.

Private supplies are managed and maintained by the owners of the properties they serve but the quality and quantity of the water they provide is covered by government legislation and is monitored by the council.

You can find out more information about management, treatment and the role of local and central government regarding use of private water supplies on Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland website.

Owners and users of private water supplies

The Scottish Government provides advice and information for owners and users of private water supplies in Scotland through their information site. This includes information about getting your private water supply tested, charges for this and the private water supply grant to help improve your supply. 

Private water supplies are regulated by local authorities. If you have a query or would like some advice about how to manage your supply you can contact Environmental Protection. The Private Water Supply grant is also administered by this service, on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Water scarcity

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency monitors the water scarcity situation and publishes regular situation reports on its website.

General advice on water conservation, applicable to both private and public supplies can be found on the Scottish Water website.

If you would like further advice about what to do if you think your supply is running dry or if you are experiencing water shortages, you can contact Environmental Protection.

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