Starting Primary 1

All children who will reach the age of five on or before the start of the new school session in August 2022 should start primary school in August 2022. Children who reach the age of five after the start of the new school session in August 2022, but before the last day of February 2023 may also be enrolled for primary school in August 2022.

Before you apply for a school place online, you will need to set up an account. This is so you can track the progress of your application. 

You will need to provide us with evidence of where you live, your child’s birth certificate and any other information specific to your case. You can upload these to the form when you apply. We will accept photographs of documents as long as we can see the whole document clearly.

You can enter your postcode on our school zone map to find your zoned school. 

You have the right to apply for a place at any school in Aberdeen City, but if you do not apply for your zoned school we can't guarantee you a place there. We advise that you apply for both your zoned school and your preferred school. 

Deferring entry to Primary 1

From August 2022, Aberdeen City Council will be one of the local authorities offering an additional year of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC), as part of a Scottish Government pilot initiative, prior to it becoming a universal right from August 2023.

Previously, only children with a fifth birthday between January and February were automatically entitled to an additional year of funded ELC if entry to Primary One was deferred. 

However, from August 2022, children who are resident in Aberdeen City, and whose fifth birthday falls between 22nd August 2022 and the end of February 2023, will be automatically entitled to an additional year of funded ELC.

If you decide to defer your child’s entry to P1 you must still apply online for an ELC deferred entry place.

Early entry to Primary 1

Children normally start school aged between 4 and a half and 5 and a half, depending on when the child’s birthday falls. This is a matter of law. Parents can request that children younger than this be admitted to school. The Head Teacher of the school applied for will assess each case individually to determine whether or not the education normally provided in the school is suited to the ability and aptitude of the child. If you are considering requesting Early Entry to School for your child you should consider whether your child is emotionally and socially mature enough to cope with a full-time programme of education.  

As a consequence of early admission to school your child would be younger than the other pupils in the class. This may present difficulties in relation to:  

  • Separation from parents  
  • Making friends and working with other children in the class  
  • Activities within the classroom and playground  
  • Your child’s ability to cope in different situations  
  • Conforming to a more formal classroom organisation  

For those wishing to apply for Early Entry, application should be made in writing to the Head Teacher of your zoned school, no later than 28th February of the year you wish your child to start school. You will be informed of the decision by letter in May.  

This is known as an Early Entry Request. It is not the same as a Placing Request as you cannot request in law that your child start early in a school other than your local catchment school.

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