Education maintenance allowances

Education Maintenance Allowances (EMAs) are part of the Scottish Government's agenda of encouraging access to, and participation in, further and higher education by young people from low-income families. These allowances are financial support for 16-19 year olds who stay on in full time non-advanced education after their statutory school leaving date (i.e. those continuing in post-compulsory education).

Aberdeen City Council pay EMAs, on behalf of the Scottish Government, to eligible school students. An EMA is a payment of £30 per week, paid directly into your bank account if you stay on in school, college or in home education after your official school leaving date.

To be eligible for an EMA in 2018/2019 the student must:

  • Have been born between 1 March 1999 and 28 February 2003.
  • Have a household income of £26,884 or below (for families with more than one dependent child in the household)* or
  • Have a household income of £24,421 or below (for families with a single dependent child in the household).
  • Be in full-time non-advanced education (up to SVQ level 3).

* Dependent children are all those up to the age of 16 and those over the age of 16 and up to the age of 25 if they are still in full-time education.

If you are an independent young person (i.e. receiving education while living in a foster home or children's home and are in the care of the local authority, or are living independently in receipt of Income Support or Contributions-Based Employment Support and Allowance), you are eligible for an EMA award without having to provide evidence of household income.

Following assessment of the application, weekly payments will be paid at £30.

Students become eligible for an EMA in August if they turn 16 between 1 March and 30 September and in January if they turn 16 between 1 October and end of February. Eligibility is reassessed each academic year.

  • To be eligible for weekly payments the student must complete a learning agreement with the school.
  • Payments are made fortnightly in arrears to the student's bank account depending on attendance and compliance with the requirements of their learning agreement.

You can download guidance notes from the Related documents section at the bottom of this page.  

Note: The Scottish Ministers reserve the right to review the EMA programme at any time.

How to apply

You can apply for an education maintenance allowance online. 

Frequently asked questions

Those born between 01/03/1999 and 30/09/2002 can receive the 2018/2019 EMA from August 2018. Those born between 01/10/2002 and 28/02/2003 can receive the 2018/2019 EMA from January 2019. The household income assessed for EMA purposes is the same as that used by the Inland Revenue for assessing Tax Credits (i.e. gross taxable household income). To be paid an EMA by Aberdeen City Council you must have a bank account in your own name and attend an Aberdeen City area school. Students must be ordinarily resident in the UK. Generally this relates to the qualifying date and the 3 years immediately before.

For those eligible for a full year award the application must be submitted by 30 September. If you are eligible for an EMA from January then the form should be submitted by 28 February.

An EMA Learning Agreement is an agreement between a pupil and the school that details the learning that will be offered and the responsibilities of both parties in attaining this.

Yes – payment of your EMA can be withheld if your school attendance falls below 100% in any one week. Lateness can also affect payments. If Learning Agreement conditions are not met, then your EMA may also be withheld.

You will be able to get an EMA for three years, as long as your family income does not rise above the £26,884 a year threshold and you are still attending secondary school.

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