Anti-bullying policy

Policy on positive relationships and anti-bullying approaches in schools

Relationships in schools should be characterised by respect, kindness and consideration. In a school, all adults, children and young people have a responsibility to help each other to develop positive attitudes and behaviour, and to avoid using their power to bully or to prevent others from learning. Everyone has the right to feel valued and respected, and to develop self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and a feeling of being safe.

Our responsibilities are set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:

"Children have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, physically or mentally. Governments should ensure that children are properly cared for and protect them from violence, abuse and neglect by their parents, or anyone else who looks after them." (article 19)

UNICEF are promoting Rights Respecting Schools which not only teach about children's and human rights but also model rights and respect in all their relationships: adults-pupils; pupils-adults; pupils-pupils.

School staff play an important part in helping young people to develop mature and happy relationships, which is an important part of the curriculum and central to their present and future success in life. Schools are places where young people can learn and practice the skills of positive interpersonal relationships.

Positive relationships among all members of the school community produce an environment that is conducive to all aspects of learning and without which learning can be greatly impeded.

We do not tolerate bullying behaviour of any kind.

The objective of this policy is:

  • to increase the effectiveness of preventative practice
  • to increase awareness of the causes and effects of bullying
  • to offer guidance on dealing with bullying

Download a copy of the full Anti-Bullying Policy from the links below.

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