Employment of children

Aberdeen City Council has adopted by-laws which regulate the part-time employment of school age children (children who have not yet reached their statutory school leaving date) during term-time and holiday periods. These by-laws implement the amendments to the Children and Young Persons Act 1937 required by the European Union regulations on the Protection of Children at Work.

Employment includes assistance in any trade or occupation which is carried on for profit, whether or not payment is received for that assistance. This includes times where the child is employed by a parent.

Before a child can take up employment they must have an employment permit. The permit details the employment to be undertaken and the hours and days to be worked. Before a permit can be issued, parents and the child's Head Teacher must give their permission for the child to be employed and employers must carry out a written risk assessment.

You can download information and the application form:

Detailed information about the employment of school age children and application forms are available from secondary schools or from Marischal College. Completed application forms should be sent to the above address.

Parents should obtain a copy of this information before their child starts work.

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