Check your place on the school waiting list

If you are refused a place at a school because we do not have the capacity to take your child, we may hold you on a waiting list. 

If you are being held on a waiting list, you will receive a waiting list reference number. You can use this to check where you are on the list. Remember, your position may go down as well as up depending on the priority of other applications being held.

You can check to see where you are on the waiting list. 

Questions about how we manage waiting lists

Our waiting lists are organised in the same order as applications for school places. We use our priority system to decide where you are on the list. This means that your application may go down as well as up the list. For example, if a child who lives in the school zone enters the waiting list they will be higher up than you if you applied because your child’s sibling goes to the school. This is the case regardless of when you applied.

No. We will hold you on only one waiting list at a time. Because we assess your application based on the preferences you give us, you will always be on a waiting list for the highest possible preference of school.

We will email you to confirm that we can offer you a place. You can then accept or refuse the place online using your account with us. Remember, if there are other schools remaining on your application we will continue to assess them until you tell us not to. If you no longer want us to look at your application, you should contact our Customer Applications team on

Our waiting lists are cleared every year on 31 October. Your application won’t be held over on the waiting list for a future year. If you still wish your child to go to the school you were waiting for, you should apply again the following year.

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