Corporate insurance

Aberdeen City Council's insurer is currently Zurich Municipal, who handle claims on our behalf.

Making a claim

If you are considering making a claim to Aberdeen City Council, we recommend that you consider making a claim on any home contents, building or motor insurance you have that would cover this loss. This is because settlement will be on a 'new for old basis' and as you will not need to prove that anyone is at fault for the loss the claim will likely be dealt with more quickly. Your insurer may then seek to recover their costs from Aberdeen City Council if they feel the Council have been negligent.

If you have a claim, please phone the Aberdeen City Council switchboard on 03000 200 291. Each claim is handled initially by the relevant Council service and our switchboard will direct you to the correct service.

The relevant Service will then email/post out a claim form for completion and on receipt of the returned completed claim form, will pass this and their own investigative notes to our Corporate Insurers via our Insurance Department.

Completing a claim form

Aberdeen City Council claim forms must be completed in full and be a true statement of the circumstances surrounding your loss, injury or damage.

To assess the value of your loss where possible you should provide us with written estimates for the repair or replacement of damaged property as well as an indication of the original purchase price and date of purchase, providing receipts where possible. 

Any claim found to have been fraudulently intimated or exaggerated may be passed to the Procurator Fiscal and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Please return claims forms by email to the service.

Once submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement from the service, who will forward it on to the insurance team and ultimately the Insurer.

Please note

Please note that the Council is not responsible for the actions or activities of any contractor even if they are acting on our behalf. You must make these claims directly against the contractor concerned.

In the event you need to submit a claim to Aberdeen City Council, the issue of a claim form and/or advice is not an admission of liability on the part of the Council. In order for any legal liability to exist, it must be established (in law) that the cause of any damage or injury was due to negligence of the Council.

We will not consider any claim where the circumstances of the loss involve the criminal act of an unidentified third party. You must refer this type of incident to your own insurer.

Insurance and claims statistics

We publish the statistics as part of the Council's commitment to openness and transparency and to meet our statutory obligations under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. This table will be updated annually. 

The statistics below refer to claims in relation to potholes and show the total number of claims received, the number of claims paid and the total value of those claims per calendar year.

If further information is required, you must send a formal request to:

Calendar years  Total number of claims received Number of paid claims Total amount paid out
2018 114 39 £11,259.76
2019 66 29 £32,342.92
2020 67 26 £18.487.78
2021 89 32 £8,933.94
2022 57 7 £1,326.03

Please note the following:

  • The above statistics are updated on an annual basis and provide details of the claims recorded over the past 5 calendar years.
  • We do not hold information regarding pre and post litigation of claims.
  • We cannot provide details of specific payments or a description of the claim, as we are unable to release information that may lead to the identification of any individual(s).

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03000 200 291

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