Working at elections

If you are interested in working at an election, please complete the online application form to put your name on our database. If a suitable position comes up we will get in touch.

Only individuals who have the right to work in the UK can work at elections. We will require proof of your right to work. 

It is an offence to work for a political party/candidate and for the Returning Officer. If you are not sure  if you are eligible to work at elections please contact the Elections Team before you apply.

There are two main groups of staff at each election:

Polling staff

Polling staff will have to attend a mandatory 90 minute training session before polling day. Polling staff report for duty at their allocated polling station at 6.15am. Polling takes place between 7am and 10pm, with polling staff expected to finish sometime after the close of poll.

Count staff

The count takes place immediately after the close of poll, i.e. 10pm, with votes counted through the night. There are many roles at a count, such as enumerators, receptionists and support staff (such as ballot box receipt staff). There is a mandatory 60 minute training session for enumerators prior to polling day.

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