About the Council

Aberdeen City Council has 45 Councillors in 13 multi-member wards. Each ward is represented by 3 or 4 Councillors.  

The current political make-up of the Council is:

Political Party Number of Councillors
Scottish National Party (SNP) 20
Aberdeen Labour 11
Scottish Conservative and Unionist 7
Scottish Liberal Democrats 4
Independent Alliance Group 1
Independent 1
Vacancy 1

To find out who your local Councillors are, how to contact them or to attend a Councillor's surgery, please see the Your Councillors page.

The Administration

The current administration is a partnership agreement between the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Lord Provost

The Lord Provost acts as Convener of the City Council, Civic Head and Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeen.

The Lord Provost is Councillor David Cameron

The Depute Provost is Councillor Steve Delaney

Council decision making

The Council has a number of Committees and Sub Committees where Councillors make decisions on local issues. The Council also appoints Councillors to various outside bodies.  The Committee pages will be updated in due course once the names of Councillors have been submitted.

Council Structure 

More information about the Council structure can be found here. 

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